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Bendita Hora white 2014

Image by Erfan Parhizi

For those special days

The day we discovered this relic in our warehouse was truly special.

Bendita Hora means blessed hour.

Like many ideas that appeared by chance, that's exactly how it happened with Bendita Hora. A wine designed to be consumed young, but unexpectedly, it ended up living on, taking advantage of its longevity to showcase its potential of evolution.

Bendita Hora is a limited edition, with golden color, ready to satisfy the desire of the aged white wine connoisseurs.

Alvarinho | Arinto

Vineyards planted in clay-limestone soils of basaltic origin in Runa, in the Lisbon region. The climate is Atlantic, influencing the production of fresher and more mineral wines. We are certified in Integrated Production, which ensures more sustainable practices throughout the entire process.


Tasting notes
In the nose, notes of cinnamon and cooked apple can be find. Very round and elegant in the mouth with quince and honey flavours, confirming these grapes aging potential. Very balanced freshness and acidity. 

Cheese, well cooked fatty fish, grilled cod, tuna or beef steak lightly brased, traditional desserts like creamy milk.

Alcohol content
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