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Quinta da Casaboa

Luzes abstratas
vinho QCB_Quinta da Casaboa.png
For genial atmosphere

With a ruby color, this wine is a true gem that invites us to pause and appreciate the best things in life. It results in a genuine sensory pleasure and finds its place at the table among friends or family gatherings. It goes far beyond the obvious.

With an unusual label, it doesn't go unnoticed, leaving its mark without losing sight of the ambition to surprise. In a positive way.

Tinta Roriz | Touriga Nacional | Alicante Bouschet

Vineyards planted in clay-limestone soils of basaltic origin in Runa, in the Lisbon region. The climate is Atlantic, influencing the production of fresher and more mineral wines.

Tasting notes
It displays an intense ruby color with balsamic notes combined with vanilla and fruit. The tannins are smooth, and the palate is round.


Perfect for pairing with meat dishes, game, or cheese and charcuterie boards.

Alcohol content
14,5 %
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