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Anfibio: drink different

We always wanted Anfibio wine to represent an original movement in the market, breaking with conventions and challenging the status quo. Oscillating between skepticism, uncertainty, the dimension of risk, but at the same time, the taste of adventure, we decided to move forward with a 12-month trial period. Today, we look back, proud of our decision and the results achieved.

We strongly resonate with the successful Apple campaign, launched in 1997, titled 'Think Different.' A tribute to all the rebels, adventurers, irreverent, and pioneers.

We changed the copy and adapted it to the reality of Anfibio. We hope you like it :)

To the curious, the adventurers, the experimentalists, the pioneers.

To those who deviate from the norm, to those who challenge the form.

We can quote them, admire them, hate them, or imitate them.

But we cannot ignore them.

Because they take risks and go deeper.

They give new aromas to the wine drinkers.

Drink different.


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