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Why aging wine in the sea?

Wine and the sea have long been intertwined. Just remember the commercial routes of the portuguese ships and caravels across the oceans to bring to the world what became one of the products that the Portuguese exported the most during the 13th and 14th centuries: wine. On the other hand, all wines from Lisbon have an Atlantic influence due to the proximity to the sea. That the sea is in the wine, we all know. What was missing was the wine being in the sea.

Aging wine in the sea is a different story and an amazing adventure.

Pedro is a lover of the sea. He loves scuba diving and surfing. Joana, his wife, is a lover of the world of wines. Together, they got to work, and in 2019, they began the first trials of aging wine bottles at the seafloor. After 12 months of experimenting with depths, aging times, and the location of the aging process, as well as ways to protect the corks from the pressure they are subjected to, they launched the first edition of Anfibio wine in October 2021, which sold out in 6 months.

Clearly, this is a differentiation strategy, aiming to surprise the consumer by inviting them to taste an original wine, both inside and out.

On the other hand, it is about innovating through the aging location, to bring consumers the innovative effects in the wine that are incomparable with any other, thus occupying a unique place in the market. Anfibio is now 2 years old and is already attracting interest from other countries.


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